Vårt første Rhodesian Ridgebackkull ble født 21. august.

Ta kontakt dersom du/dere er interessert i valp.

Vi forventer gode rasetypiske Rhodesian Ridgeback. Begge foreldrene er mentalt veldig stabile og har et vakkert ytre.



Dette skriver hannhunden sin eier og oppdretter om Borg:

On 2 April 2009 Paerdecroon Baron Borg (usual name: Borg) was born in a litter of 3 females and 8 males. From the beginning on he was a puppy to fall in love with. Borg has always had a nice body and angulations. As a puppy he was always looking sound.

At his first show in the puppy class on the RRCN club match he became best puppy at the age of six months. On his first international show in Groningen, Borg became best junior, best male and best of breed; at that time Borg was just 9 months old.

Within the first 3 international shows, Borg became Dutch Junior Champion and within 5 shows he had enough CAC to be Dutch Champion. His greatest success was of course becoming  World Junior Winner and reserve Best of Breed at the World Dog Show 2010 in Herning. Borg was at that time only 15 months old.

Borg is now almost 4 years old and we show him on regular basis in the Netherlands and abroad. In the show ring Borg is always cooperating and very cool. Borg doesn’t like practicing ring training for the show, we just have to trust him that he will do his job in the show ring, and so we do. Borg has never shown any aggressive behavior towards any other dogs on the streets or during a show. That explanes why he can live with 2 other males in our house. Borg also doesn’t mind driving in the car for hours. He lays himself down and just sleep all the time. When we are staying over in a hotel for a show, it is no problem to leave Borg alone in the hotel room, as long as he can lay on our bed.

Borg has a great passion for hunting and coursing. Borg also likes to go in the woods with Henk on the mountain bike. He knows exactly how to move towards the bike and knows the difference between left and right. Writing this all, we realize that Borg’s character is very special, sometimes he acts almost human. He can be very sensible and on the other hand he is very stabile and protecting towards his family.

As the breeders of Borg, we are lucky that we kept Borg to our pack and after all we realize that Borg is what you call a “once in a lifetime dog”. He combines an outstanding exterior with a lovely character, he is just a very special Rhodesian Ridgeback personality.

Written by the owner of Paerdecroon Baron Borg Henk Salm



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